Horse Owners Beware: Dangerous Wires Hide Inside Tire Feeders

Does anybody use tire feeders for their horses? If so, please read this article.


Like many horse owners, I have used large truck tires as hay feeders for years. I recently inspected my tire feeders to be certain they were in good condition, but what I didn’t realize is that invisible wires are embedded inside the rubber as part of the tire. These dangerous wires can become exposed as the tire ages and the horse nibbles around the edge of the feeder. The typical horse eventually pulls out a piece of the wire; it falls into the hay, and the horse ends up swallowing it!

I have now discarded all tire feeders, and here’s why:

Oakie’s tongue was so swollen it hung out of his mouth.

One month ago I found my 22-year-old paint gelding, Oakie, drooling, hanging his head, lethargic and refusing to eat or drink. His tongue was so swollen it was partially hanging outside of his mouth.

The symptoms made the…

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