It’s been 61 years! Why bring it up now?!

Yes, it happened back in 1954, and it has haunted me ever since.  My aunt was murdered.  My uncle was blamed.  This murder has never been resolved. That is why I bring it up.

Murder requires objective, unbiased examination.  Conclusions and accusations must be based on clear analysis of the physical evidence; even the smallest detail must be taken into account. The facts of this case were never considered with that kind of unbiased clarity.  I wanted it re-examined, and this time with open-minded, deductive objectivity!

I knew exactly who I needed:  Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most famous criminalist.  And I got him!

It happened when an unexplained time warp enabled Sherlock Holmes to collaborate with Dr. Paul Leland Kirk —  Holmes’ equally-talented, 20th-century counterpart — to review the critical physical evidence tossed aside as “irrelevant” by the Cleveland Police and prosecutors of Dr. Sam Sheppard back in 1954.

I take no credit myself.  Dr. Watson made all the arrangements — and he is the one to tell you the story.

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